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Discover the terroir of our 20-hectare vineyard... combining climate, soil, grape varieties and knowledge.


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Located at the heart of a historically wine-growing region, Montagne is a village in Gironde that has managed to preserve and enhance its vines, withstanding successive invasions and conquests since Gallo-Roman times. This commune of the Grand Saint-Emilionnais hosts 12 of the most emblematic wine appellations. 


The wine-growing identity of Montagne has spanned centuries of history since the fall of the Roman Empire. Once criss-crossed by the ancient Gallo-Roman Bordeaux-Périgueux road, Montagne has preserved a mix of architecture that bears witness to its rich historical heritage. From the remains of Roman villas (Villa Corbin and Lucaniacus) to Renaissance-style châteaux (Château Saint Georges and Château des Tours), this religious town with its three Romanesque churches and countless chapels, offers a remarkable tourist trail.


Château Coucy is situated on a privileged terroir of clay-limestone inclines. Formerly part of the Parsac Saint-Émilion appellation, the commune merged with Montagne in 1973. On the southernmost part of the estate, we find two types of clay that are characteristic of Parsac: white clay, and the rarest and most precious, blue clay. This blue clay provides excellent water regulation, keeping the soil cool during long periods of drought. This combination of soils is highly conducive to the production of deep, long-keeping, aromatically concentrated wines. The south-facing aspect provides us with intense sunshine, ensuring that our grapes reach perfect ripeness.


Our grape varieties are 85% Merlot and 15% Cabernet Franc, and depend directly on the nature of the terroir.

Merlot, the emblematic grape variety of the Right Bank of the Garonne river, is rich in anthocyanins, and produces wines with a high intensity of colour tending towards purple. Less tannic than the other Bordeaux grape varieties, it is rounded on the palate with intense red fruit aromas. 

Cabernet Franc, another popular Bordeaux grape variety, offers aromas of red fruit and floral notes of violet. Combined with Merlot, the wines will have great suppleness and aromatic finesse.

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