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Château Coucy Montagne Saint-Emilion



The estate takes its name from a great English family, the Lords of Coucy.

Enguerrand III de Coucy imposed his power by building an enormous fortified castle, featuring an impressive keep – the highest ever built in the West – completed in the 13th century in Aisne (northern France). He also took part in the bloody Albigensian Crusade against the Cathar heresy and it is said that he crossed the Libourne region on his return.

The Galineau family took possession of Château Coucy in 1882. The estate's various owners have been continuously committed to producing award-winning wines since 1891. 


Since 2017, Château Coucy is managed  by Florence Galande, a self-confessed lover of fine wine and nature.

Her passion drove her to change careers and sparked her desire to run her own estate. Florence was charmed by the estate and the great potential of its terroir and wishes to maintain the vineyard's reputation for excellence, although that is not her only ambition. Supported by her new team, Florence has begun undertaking a major renovation to give the estate a new lease of life: the winemaking facilities, ageing cellar, and shipping areas have all been fully refurbished. 

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