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Château Coucy's earned its first medal on 1895 at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris. Owners since 1882, the Galineau family won this award. As the 3rd family to run the estate, Château Coucy's winegrowing heritage has always been preserved and perpetuated.

Since taking over the estate in 2017, Florence Galande and her team have continued to embellish and perfect the Château and its wines. A major renovation project has been launched to breathe new life into the estate and improve the work environment.

The thermo-regulated concrete vat room has been completely refurbished. The 26-metre-long cellar has also been renovated. Today, the estate's architecture is full of charm, with its exposed beams and rubble stone walls.

A chapel overlooks our 20 hectares of vines and bears witness to Montagne's rich history. 

Today, the vines are pampered in order to produce noble, high-quality wines that express our terroir with dignity.

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