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AOC Montagne Saint-Émilion

Our new cuvée

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Fresh and fruity

The colour of this wine is cherry red, the nose reveals intense notes of red fruits dominated by strawberry and raspberry with a lot of freshness. 

The mouth is fleshy with a beautiful sweetness and balances with a lot of freshness. The tannins are present but melted and greedy. We find the aromas of red fruits that we had on the nose with a very nice length.

This wine can be enjoyed now with recommended aeration. The key words of this cuvée are conviviality, sharing, pleasure!


100% Cabernet Franc

After the harvest, the grapes undergo two sortings: one on a vibrating table and the other using a densimetric bath. These sortings are essential to eliminate any undesirable elements and to select the most qualitative berries.


The grapes are then transferred to concrete vats where the tannins, colour and aromas are extracted at a controlled temperature of a maximum of 28°C, by punching down and pumping over. Malolactic fermentation then takes place to add roundness to the wine.


Aging lasts for a minimum of 11 months in amphora. The egg-shaped terracotta jar is conducive to the natural circular movement of the wine.

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