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The estate has 20 hectares under vine in a single block. Château Coucy is situated on predominantly clay-limestone slopes.

This south-facing vineyard benefits from optimum sun exposure, conducive to producing perfectly ripe grapes.

The southernmost part of the estate features a white clay terroir, typical of Parsac. A chapel, designed by Viollet-le-Duc, was built here in the 19th century. 

The Parsac Saint-Émilion appellation merged with Montagne Saint-Émilion in 1973. 


The estate has an oceanic climate, with mild temperatures and high rainfall, which sometimes makes vineyard operations more complicated. The terroir is ideal for the two typical Right Bank grape varieties. Merlot is traditionally king in the Libourne region and represents 85% of the blend. Cabernet Franc constitutes the other 15% of the blend.  The combination of these two grape varieties produces wines with superb aromatic finesse.


Since it changed hands in 2017, major renovation work has been undertaken to breathe new life into the estate. The estate's winemaking facilities (bottling line/vat room/cellar) were the first to receive attention. 


The temperature-controlled concrete vats were fully renovated and the 26-metre-long ageing cellar has also been revamped. Its charming exposed beams and restored stone walls never fail to delight visitors. 


Château Coucy is located in the heart of the historic village of Montagne in Gironde. This winegrowing region has produced wine continuously since Gallo-Roman times against a turbulent backdrop of successive invasions and conquests. This village, in the heart of the Saint-Émilion area, is surrounded by 12 of the most emblematic wine appellations. 

Montagne's winemaking traditions have survived centuries of history since the fall of the Roman Empire. Once crossed by the old Gallo-Roman road from Bordeaux to Périgueux, Montagne has preserved its varied architecture, which serves as a testimony to the area's rich historical heritage. From the vestiges of Roman villas (Villa Corbin and Lucaniacus) to magnificent Renaissance-style castles (Château Saint Georges and Château des Tours), as well as three Romanesque churches and countless chapels, Montagne is a haven for sightseers.


  • Florence GALANDE

Estate owner and winegrower

  • Alexandre DE ALMEIDA et Paul LABRUYERE

Vineyard operators

  • Justine GOISET

Sales manager.  

  • Gregory DALLA LONGA

Œnologist.  ​

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